Time and effort

I want to turn your attention to a website. A while back I had an un-official game jam…with my brother. There was in fact no other teams – just me and him, at… Continue reading

Fable: Legends

I can finally talk about it. Well, sort of…not properly, you understand…but at the very least I can say…I’m working on Fable: Legends. Now, we did have a PR pack that had been… Continue reading

Changed my mind…

I thought that, actually, I would put a quick image online. Without Unity Pro, I can’t get a good light bake, which is of course a shame. But in truth, that doesn’t matter.… Continue reading

Scratching the surface

Usually I’d add an image to show you what wondrous and creative things I had concocted, using a new bit of tech. Not so much this time. It’s quite early into my Unity… Continue reading

Basic terminology

Short post today. Work is sucking up my time at the moment, so haven’t had a good chance to sit down at home and ‘kick it’ (yep, that’s right) with some games tech.… Continue reading

Autumn is coming

I’ve noticed, that when I have a long gap from the blog, then return, I always seem to start by referencing that I have been gone for a long time AND that it… Continue reading

The Reveal

It seems that news has hit the ol’internet about an Xbox event. Tuesday May 21st. Who else is excited?      


That was a long gap!!! I excitedly disappeared from the blog, leaving only a robot in a Christmas hat. It’s now April. That’s quite a while. That’s not to say I haven’t done… Continue reading

Robot in a Christmas Hat

Actually, there is one LAST thing to show. I thought I’d take the opportunity to show the (very) early stages of the Mech I’m modelling, for my next Maya animation project. As Christmas… Continue reading

Guns (in Maya) – Part 2

Slightly later than promised (as always with me), I present my finished SOCOM modelled in Maya. For reference, I’ll post the link to ‘Part 1’ of this article so that you can see… Continue reading